Construction Martin & David Ltd.




With a truly multidisciplinary team, our many specialists can assess your needs and respond to them in any number of ways. CONSTRUCTION MADA fields a dynamic team always at the service of the customer. Our company comprises five divisions:

Plan Design

MADA can assist you with drawing up architectural and engineering plans by forming a team of experts thoroughly versed in the Code du Bâtiment (Building Code) and the various rules that apply to each type of project. MADA will guide the customer through every step of the process in order to systematically assess the different options available to meet their needs.


MADA’s Estimation Department completes detailed submissions while ensuring that the various budget items for the project realization represent an accurate picture of the costs at any given time.


MADA can assist you in securing financing and will provide complete documentation to facilitate the lender(s) in finalizing of the financial structure.

Project Implementation

MADA, with recourse to expert professionals, realizes project implementation and ensures compliance with the various building permit requirements. MADA can also assist during the pre-project phase to verify its feasibility.


MADA can carry out your construction project from A to Z while ensuring that the plans are followed and that quality and deadlines are respected. In addition, MADA works in concert with the client’s various suppliers who need to integrate technical components into the installation.


MADA ensures that the delivery of the completed project respects all the plans and other contractual documents, and that spaces are ready for quick possession so that the client can operate without delay.


At CONSTRUCTION MADA, we take each of our projects to heart. Have a look at our latest achievements.

Important announcement

RAMPA CONSTRUCTION evolves with the arrival of a new partner and a strategic name change!

Montreal, March 2024 – RAMPA CONSTRUCTION, a renowned construction company, is proud to announce a major turning point in its history with the arrival of a new, prominent partner and a strategic name change. We are delighted to announce the arrival of David Foisy as a key partner in the company. This initiative marks a significant step in the company’s evolution, reinforcing its position as a leader in the construction industry.

Name change - New Identity, New Momentum

To reflect this new phase of growth and innovation, RAMPA CONSTRUCTION has decided to adopt a new name: CONSTRUCTION MADA. This name change symbolizes our commitment to constant evolution and our aspiration to exceed industry standards.