Construction Martin & David Ltd.


To all construction enthusiasts:

If you are passionate about the construction industry, looking for a dynamic and challenging environment, we have an exciting opportunity for you! At CONSTRUCTION MADA, we believe in the power of working as a team and are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to contribute to our ongoing success.


  • Superintendent
  • Carpenter
  • Laborer / day laborer


  • Stimulating challenges : Contribute to varied and innovative construction projects.
  • Collaborative environment : Be part of a team where collaboration and mutual support are essential.
  • Professional development : We invest in your professional growth and offer continuous learning opportunities.
  • Inclusive culture : We value diversity and inclusion, creating a work
    environment where everyone can thrive.


At CONSTRUCTION MADA, we believe that every member of our team makes a significant contribution to our collective success.

Join us and let’s build a promising future together !

Important announcement

RAMPA CONSTRUCTION evolves with the arrival of a new partner and a strategic name change!

Montreal, March 2024 – RAMPA CONSTRUCTION, a renowned construction company, is proud to announce a major turning point in its history with the arrival of a new, prominent partner and a strategic name change. We are delighted to announce the arrival of David Foisy as a key partner in the company. This initiative marks a significant step in the company’s evolution, reinforcing its position as a leader in the construction industry.

Name change - New Identity, New Momentum

To reflect this new phase of growth and innovation, RAMPA CONSTRUCTION has decided to adopt a new name: CONSTRUCTION MADA. This name change symbolizes our commitment to constant evolution and our aspiration to exceed industry standards.