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About us

CONSTRUCTION MADA quickly achieved recognition in the construction field by reaching an impressive level of expertise at a rapid pace.

Over the years, CONSTRUCTION MADA never ceased to expand, earning a reputation which speaks for itself. A great deal of time and dynamic effort has been invested into the growth of CONSTRUCTION MADA, enabling it to become an enterprise specializing in the commercial, industrial, institutional and multiple dwelling residential sectors. Our expertise encompasses renovation, expansion and new construction builds.

A truly multi-disciplinary team, the many specialists at CONSTRUCTION MADA can assess current and future client needs and respond to them in a multitude of ways.

Upon engaging the services of CONSTRUCTION MADA, our clients benefit greatly from our ability to realize their projects and achieve their objectives at advantageous prices and within their projected budget and prescribed deadlines.

With over twenty-five years of experience, CONSTRUCTION MADA specializes in construction and project management, operating in the following markets:


CONSTRUCTION MADA fields a competent and dynamic team of specialists who strive to work with the client’s best interests in mind. CONSTRUCTION MADA comprises five divisions to respond effectively to all of our clients’ objectives.


At the head of the Administration team, close collaborators support Martin and David, ensuring that the company runs smoothly and meets its commitments.


Estimation Department managers prepare quotes for clients and frequently assist project managers in finding the most economical and advantageous solutions for all stakeholders.


The on-site team benefits from vast construction industry knowledge at every step. Their role is to supervise the work and ensure that it is carried out with care and diligence.

Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department staff aim for the complete satisfaction of our customers during and post construction, in order to ensure them of total quality.

Project Management

Our multi-disciplinary team of Project Managers, ranging from architects to engineers, ensures constant supervision of construction sites. In addition, it provides the essential link between the client and the various trades. Thanks to the team’s great expertise in engineering and construction, they help the client overcome any obstacle that may arise during construction of their building.

CONSTRUCTION MADA aims to reach the highest quality standards by optimizing the following objectives:


Attentiveness to the interaction of these parameters allows us to better serve the client. Proper planning and tight management contribute to the proper execution of our construction projects, and to the completion of work within the scheduled timeline, adhering to budget and with a high degree of quality, as defined in the plans and quote.

CONSTRUCTION MADA builds in compliance with labour laws, the CSST, and also adheres to the ethics developed by the Association des Entrepreneurs en Construction du Québec (AECQ), of which it is an active member.

Moreover, CONSTRUCTION MADA is a member of the Association de la Construction Québec, and of the Commission de la Construction du Québec, remaining constantly up to date on all market developments.


General Contractor

Based on plans and specifications prepared by professionals, we can act in the traditional role of a general contractor and submit proposals or bids on a wide variety and range of works. We also execute projects obtained through public tenders.

Turnkey Projects

For the client who seeks to combine design and construction with a budget guarantee and strict schedule, this practical formula is without question the ideal solution. Relying on its multidisciplinary team of experts, CONSTRUCTION MADA offers this comprehensive solution. The time normally required for the entire construction process is thus considerably reduced, delivering significant savings. In addition, our client only needs to transact with one enterprise throughout the project, reducing the risk of errors. Accordingly, they are regularly informed at each important stage of the project, with direct, rapid, personal and privileged communication. This approach allows you to effectively evaluate your needs and, in addition, our designs are designed to adapt to future changes in your business.

Project Management (Cost Plus Management)

Under client supervision, CONSTRUCTION MADA can be mandated to act as manager to supervise and coordinate all the construction activities that a project requires. Our services are offered on a cost basis plus a fixed percentage (“cost plus”) or on a fixed rate basis with a guaranteed ceiling (management). CONSTRUCTION MADA then assumes full responsibility for carrying out the work as a whole.


CONSTRUCTION MADA can provide a wide range of technical services or consultations on an hourly basis or at a fixed rate. These services are offered to developers, owners, engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, financial institutions and all other stakeholders.


At CONSTRUCTION MADA, we take each of our projects to heart. Have a look at our latest achievements.

Important announcement

RAMPA CONSTRUCTION evolves with the arrival of a new partner and a strategic name change!

Montreal, March 2024 – RAMPA CONSTRUCTION, a renowned construction company, is proud to announce a major turning point in its history with the arrival of a new, prominent partner and a strategic name change. We are delighted to announce the arrival of David Foisy as a key partner in the company. This initiative marks a significant step in the company’s evolution, reinforcing its position as a leader in the construction industry.

Name change - New Identity, New Momentum

To reflect this new phase of growth and innovation, RAMPA CONSTRUCTION has decided to adopt a new name: CONSTRUCTION MADA. This name change symbolizes our commitment to constant evolution and our aspiration to exceed industry standards.